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S9515 State Road 27
Augusta, WI

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Town of Bridge Creek
P. O. Box 464
Augusta, WI 54722

Town Board Meetings

3rd Thursday
Town Hall
7:30 p.m.

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Town of Bridge Creek in Eau Claire County

Bridge Creek Bulletin Board


Monday, April 12, 2021, road bans are being lifted from the Town of Bridge Creek roads except for the following roads. 
(These roads will still remain on the road ban list until further notification.)

  • Airport Road
  • Bartig Road
  • Nehring Road
  • Kelly Road – from County Road G to Karow Road   

If you have any questions regarding this information, please call Scott Kirchoff, Town of Bridge Creek Road Master at 715-577-3050.  Thank you!

Kathy Olson, Clerk


Bridge Creek Ordinance #19.01 Establishing Special or Seasonal Weights

The seasonal weight limits road ban will go into effect Monday, March 8, 2021 and remain in effect until May 1, 2021.  The Township has the right to alter said dates and weights after considering weather and other factors affecting road conditions.  All roads will begin the road ban March 8, 2021 with the exception of Krueger Road and the gravel portion of Karow Road which will remain open until the roads get soft.  For more information, please check the specifics of this ordinance on the Ordinances page.

Clerk, Kathy Olson

TOWN OF BRIDGE CREEK CITIZENS:  This notice is to dispel a “rumor” that is being spread throughout our township.  The rumor is that the Bridge Creek Recycling Center is going to be closing and everyone will be placed on a curb-side pick-up.  This is a rumor!  THIS NOTICE IS TO REASSURE EVERYONE THAT THE BRIDGE CREEK RECYCLING CENTER (located at the Town of Bridge Creek Annex) IS NOT CLOSING.  The closing of the Bridge Creek Recycling Center has never been an agenda item.   
                                                            ~Kathy Olson, Clerk~

About Town of Bridge Creek

The Town of Bridge Creek is located in eastern Eau Claire County, Wisconsin.

Bridge Creek includes large and small farms, several local businesses located just outside of Augusta, some beautiful scenic places such Coon Fork Campground, Harstad Park, Lake Eau Claire and the Wisconsin State Wildlife Recreations Area. The Town of Bridge Creek boundaries encompass the School Districts of Augusta and Osseo-Fairchild.

The recreation area is public land open to a full range of uses for everyone - it is a place to hunt, photograph and watch wildlife, fish, trap, hike, and pick berries. There are ATV and snowmobile trails in and outside of the area.

Find more Bridge Creek history at the Augusta Wisconsin website.